And this is VÄN.

Since i was little i have been fascinated by lines, shapes and colors and how to combine them to a complete new whole. A couple of years later, i´m still fascinated. And now i call it design. And i call it my profession.

VÄN is swedish and means friend. I believe design can and should be like a friend. Communicating, understanding, encouraging and activating you moving from passive to getting where you´re supposed to be.
If somebody asks why swedish, well, i´ve always had a preference for the clear and minimalistic scandinavian way of design.



•  Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications,
School of Design of Pforzheim University

•  Communication Design, 
University of Applied Sciences Trier
•  Certified Graphic Designer (staatl. geprüfte Grafikdesignerin), Vocational College of Graphic Design, Carl-Hofer-Schule, Karlsruhe



•  Freelance Graphic Designer, VÄN
•  Art Director, Kontext Kommunikation, Heidelberg/Berlin

•  Internship, Kontext Kommunikation, Heidelberg/Berlin
•  Freelance Work, Quintessenz Manufaktur für Chroniken, Heppenheim
•  Internship, slk mediendesign, Ettlingen


  • Creative Suite
  • Indesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Muse
  • Photography


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